Crafted Jewellery Design Services

Bringing custom jewellery ideas to life that delight and go beyond a customer's expectations, is truly a craft and one that Master Jeweller Laurie Mayo revels in –

"As a jeweller, there is nothing more rewarding for me than breathing life into jewellery that started as just an idea. Or where real beauty in an existing piece has yet to be realised". Laurie Mayo

With over 30 years' experience as a jeweller Laurie Mayo is without doubt one of Auckland's leading custom-made design specialist. Whether he's designing bespoke jewellery from scratch, or re-modelling an existing piece, Laurie's objective is to always release the inner beauty unique to each piece of jewellery. The final piece is a testament to Laurie's experience, his clear understanding of the customer's brief and meticulous attention to detail throughout.

Lovers of fine, handcrafted jewellery trust him with their ideas and their personal jewellery; Laurie respects that both hold a lot of value to the individual. For some this is a financial value, but for most, of higher value is the personal or sentimental worth of the piece. All jewellery is either hand-made by Laurie, or one of his skilled craftsmen at his state-of-the- art, North Shore, Auckland workshop; arguably the most advanced in New Zealand. All jewellery is insured whilst on the premises, which are fully secure and monitored.

Also under the watchful eye of Laurie Mayo is Jewellery Services ltd. Jewellery Services provides trusted specialist fast turn-around jewellery repairs. You can link through to on the panel to the right.